Paradigm vs Enemy Tips, Odds and Match Preview SMITE World Championships Semi Final 2016

Smite world champs

Paradigm looked quite shaky at the start of their first games yesterday against OMG B, first blood was on Lawbster in mid falling to Bluefish on Isis. OMG had great early control but the team engagements from Paradigm, along with a nice solo kill on Luo from Funballer, lead to their victory. Today, Paradigm need to overcome the jitters and play to their high, self-developed standards to defeat Enemy. Funballer and Trixtank have some of the best synergy in the entire competition as displayed in the matches from Super Regionals and against OMG yesterday. Enemy will be a tough opponent for Paradigm as Enemy have surpassed all expectations and have the ability to continue doing so.

Enemy played dominantly over Pain Gaming yesterday. PainDeViande had a spectacular performance of how to use Geb to protect every single one of his teammates on multiple occasions. Their objective control and mechanical expertise combined to take the match 2-0 convincingly. Against Paradigm, Enemy must have a great team composition. It has to synergise perfectly as Enemy’s team fighting is so precise, with each player in sync with one another at all times. PainDeViande and Vetium will need to play excellently to take down Funballer and TrixTank but it will prove a rough challenge.

Prediction: Paradigm 60% – 40% Enemy