Paris Saint Germaine to invest $21 Million into eSports


According to a popular French TV News channel, Paris Saint Germaine will be reportedly investing around $20m into eSports. While this figure does not have any factual backing it is quite big for a newcomer into Esports.

However according to TheScoreesports this information if true is with conditions attached. There have been no confirmations. In his reddit AMA, PSG Spokesperson denied any numbers.

“We never gave any number to anyone, but well this is far, far away from the truth,” PSG stated. “We have a pretty decent budget for an European League of Legends team, but we are as for now here to learn. Our main goal is to qualify for LCS”

Gamers2 founder flatly called the report false on Twitter. , The tweet has been deleted; but its contents read as ‘

French TV News claimed that PSG has a 20M budget for esports.

This is false.