Party vs HPlay.

Party vs HPlay.

This game is a best of one on the 21st of December 2015. The game will commence at 6PM GMT. This game is part of the Minor CIS Qualifier.

Party has won 40% of their recent games with impressive wins over YP and Piter. Party will be warmed up from their game against GPD at 4PM GMT and result depending will have the motivation to move on a destroy their next challenger! Party’s best map is Dust 2 and their worst map is Cobblestone.

HPlay has unfortunately only achieved a 20% win rate of their last five games and is unlikely that they are motivated seeming that they are on a four loss streak.

Rosters include;
HPlay: dreaM, rizzz, ttt, sLR, ( TBA )
Party: keeN, fitch, fANTASTIKA, 5TRYK#R, HObbit

My prediction is a landslide of a result at 85% to Party.

Calvin Hynes.