Paul Chaloner will not be attending the Boston Major


He links up to his facebook page wherein he has posted a longer details :


Right, heads up Dota fans. I won’t be at the Boston Major. No need for any drama, but I wanted to let everyone know now so it doesn’t affect the lead up to the event. I know how we all love the Dotes drama, but we need to avoid it on this one.

Valve were kind enough to let me know personally in advance that I wouldn’t be required for the event. They want to try someone else out and this seemed like a good event to do it and I totally respect their decision to do that.

That said, I am of course disappointed having worked hard on Dota all year and watched more events and matches than anything else, it’s the game I’ve loved most. But as Valve reiterated to me, the decision has nothing to do with my performance at previous events, they just want to try someone new in the position.

They also told me who the person will be and while I don’t want to reveal that (for obvious reasons) I think the DotA community will absolutely love the desk host. I’d personally like to wish that person the very best in the position and hope they do well.

Competition for places, among commentators, analysts and hosts alike is healthy and ensures we all keep up our hard work and practice and never rest on our laurels. We should never take it for granted that we are an automatic choice for anything in esports and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Competition drives me to work harder than ever.

I’d like to do more Dota events next year if I possibly can, so this is very much a “come and get me” appeal to all of the leagues and events that are producing Dota events in 2017.

Until then, enjoy the remaining events this year, have a great time with the Boston Major and support the new talent being used. And I’ll hopefully see you for more Dota in 2017!