Pavel vs DrHippi – Hearthstone 2016 World Championship Finals – Game 4

Game 4 Hearthstone World Championship


The fourth game saw both players using the decks they had lost from before. DrHippi used his driud deck which he lost in game 3, while Pavel decided to use his warrior deck from game 1. Pavel managed to scrape this game through DrHippi running out of cards and falling into fatigue. DrHippi was once again reluctant to play his bigger card in fear of removal spells while allowed  Pavel to control the game and build an amazing stack of armor. Pavel also won a 33% chance brawl, which allowed his 6-6 minion to remain alive, while killing off 2 of DrHippi’s 8-8 minions.

I would consider the brawl the biggest contributer to Pavel’s win, eventhough it wasn’t extremely lucky, it helped for Pavel to remain control of the board and decide the trades he wanted. As he got board control, he consistently forced DrHippi to lose value when he played a card, which overall built up to DrHippi being forced into fatigue.