Pavel vs DrHippi – Hearthstone 2016 World Championship Finals – Game 6

Game 6 Hearthstone World Championship

The last game decided Pavel as the Hearthstone World Champion with his rogue deck against DrHippi’s Malygos druid. This wasn’t even close, as Pavel completely dominated DrHippi through the hard aggression along with his multitude of spells. The match up was definitely in favor of Pavel, as the Malygos’sbiggest weakness is aggressive decks, expecially aggressive rogue decks with a high number of spell damaging cards. Pavel secured the win on turn 7 and even utilized the “Bite” card he got from DrHippi on the final turn.

Pavel definitely earned his victory against DrHippi in an amazing final game, where he played perfectly by preventing potential clears by holding to minions, and overall controlling the board so the Druid couldn’t get any value on the trade.