Pavel wins the 2016 Hearthstone World Champion


Pavel has defeated DrHippi in an amazing 4-2 series.

Indepth individual game analysis:

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6

Summary of the games

DrHippi took the first game in the series where both players chose to open with their Warrior decks. This game, DrHippi completely dominated Pavel, as he played an extremely agro rush Warrior deck, while DrHippi chose a slow C’Thunn warrior deck.

The second saw Pavel take the game against DrHippi in an extremely close early game, where DrHippi had full control of the board. Unfortunately, Pavel had the Flamestrike in his hand. This meant DrHippi’s board was completely cleared and prevented any chance of a come back.

These two players both played druid this game, where both players almost had full hands before the game ended. This was due to the reluctance to play minions in the early / mid game in fear of removal spells which would render the card useless. Both also drafted Yogg-Saron in their decks, which meant both had extremely late game decks. Pavel noticed this trend and switched to a more agro style of play, where he forced DrHippi to play removal spells which restricted his board presence.  This allowed Pavel to play more and more aggressively, and later won through the insane amount of spell damage burst from his hand.

The fourth game saw both players using the decks they had lost from before. DrHippi used his driud deck which he lost in game 3, while Pavel decided to use his warrior deck from game 1. Pavel managed to scrape this game through DrHippi running out of cards and falling into fatigue. DrHippi was once again reluctant to play his bigger card in fear of removal spells while allowed  Pavel to control the game and build an amazing stack of armor. Pavel also won a 33% chance brawl, which allowed his 6-6 minion to remain alive, while killing off 2 of DrHippi’s 8-8 minions.

DrHippi was able to take out this game in turn 8, as he decided to pull out the extremely aggressive demon / zoolock deck. While the rogue (Pavel) had a ton of removal in her hand, she was unable to play it due to a restriction in mana. This meant DrHippi was able to easily secure the win, in a dominating performance, where he ended Pavel with full health, and a whole heap of damage for over kill.

The last game decided Pavel as the Hearthstone World Champion with his rogue deck against DrHippi’s Malygos druid. This wasn’t even close, as Pavel completely dominated DrHippi through the hard aggression along with his multitude of spells. The match up was definitely in favor of Pavel, as the Malygos’sbiggest weakness is aggressive decks, expecially aggressive rogue decks with a high number of spell damaging cards. Pavel secured the win on turn 7 and even utilized the “Bite” card he got from DrHippi on the final turn.