Pawn reveals he is in talks with Major Korean teams

Pawn initially inform fan group that he is in talks with Korean teams but confirmed this in an interview


Korea has once against confirmed their dominance in he professional scene and will only improve with star mid-laner Pawn. Pawn is known to be one of the best mid-laners throughout the world and was the 2014 World Champion representing Samsung White.

Pawn has initially played for Samsung Blue when he first started his career but quickly switched into the main Samsung team, Samsung White only half a year after. From this, he and his team dominated the scene, with Pawn even solo killing Faker on multiple occasions in the 2014 season. After winning the championships, he quickly moved to the Chinese team Edward Gaming, where they finished 5-8th place in the 2016 World championships.

Some may argue that Pawn had dropped off a bit, but I don’t think so at all! While on EDG, they were able to top the 2016 LPL Summer Split Group A matches, where they dominated with a 16-0 performance and went on later to win the Summer play offs.