Pawn subbed back in for the fight against ROX Tigers!

Pawn had previously been subbed out in favor of substitute midlaner “scout”

Pawn had recently been benched following a loss against H2k. The reason however for this decision was not due to poor performance, check out our coverage of the issue Here. As predicted pawn is now back and scourt will be likely to sit out for the rest of worlds unless either Pawn goes on a serious tilt of EDG are in need of a new shot caller aside from Pawn.
EDG has announced they will be bringing pack Pawn once quarter finals start in the first game back for the team against ROX Tigers. This is definitely a great decision by EDG, while scout is a great player, what EDG need now is a veteran player that has loads of experience. ROX is one of the strongest teams in Worlds and considered the favourite team by many, so for EDG to have a chance against ROX, they haven’t to greatly rely on Pawn’s high level shot calling.
While Pawn did lose a single game while he represented EDG on groups, he still did very well, pulling a 8-5-3 KDA on ryze against H2k’s Ryu, yet another amazing mid laner