Peacemaker To Coach Team Liquid

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After his recent deperature from Tempo Storm Peacemaker will now coach Team Liquid. The Brasilian is very happy with his recent move and thanked his fans for the motivation to keep him going.

Statement from Team Liquid

The past few weeks has been a time of change for our CS:GO team. Despite the tumultuous happenings (s1mple, and parting ways with our coach James), our players continued to show up and perform (and possibly choke a bit I know, I know), competing and winning against some of the best rosters North America has to offer. We’ve been working to create the much needed calm that will allow us to build towards becoming the world class team we aspire to be. With Luis, we bring in a talented coach who has a wealth of strategical knowledge and guidance. Out of all the candidates we had for the coaching spot it was clear to us that Luis was the way to go. It is no secret we have been searching on how to optimize our IGL role, and we aim for Luis to take that spot on the team. Welcome to the team, peacemaker!
I also want to use this opportunity to thank Steve “jokasteve” Perino for his dedication and awesome stand-in coaching at DreamHack Austin and ESL Proleague London. The team greatly benefited from your support.
-Victor “Nazgul” Goossens

You can read the full statement here

Here’s some extracts from the interview with Peacemaker.

” Back in the old days for example, I feel like the game was more about good strategies and good executions. Nowadays I feel like it’s more simple, following a few fundamentals and with a lot of team work. Since I’ve been around for so many years, I always try to mix what I’ve learned during all these years and I also love to bring new things to surprise my opponents. ”

” If you’re planning to be a coach out of the game to only study opponents, then I don’t think you need any IGL experience. But if you wanna in-game lead like I do, then in my opinion you should definitely have played and been a leader before, otherwise there is a high chance that it’s not gonna work.”

” I would like to once again thank Team Liquid and all their sponsors for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to all my fans around the world (especially the Brazilian ones) for the passion and kind words I heard the last couple of days and I would like to let you know that you are one of the reasons that keep me motivated to do my job. ”

We wish Peacemaker and Team Liquid the best of luck moving forward.