Peanut signs with SK Telecom T1

Following the recent rumors about Peanut joining SKT, he has officially signed with the top team!

Peanut was undoubtebly the star player of the ROX Tigers, where he managed to carry his team throughout the 2016 season. In worlds this year, ROX was extremely strong and even almost taking out the World champions SKT. While ROX was an overall amazing team, much of the credit belongs to their jungler “Peanut”.

“Peanut” repeatedly held jungle pressure throughout the ap, and consistently flat out played better than the SKT jungler “Blank”, where there were multiple objectives like dragon and baron stolen. SKT is irrefutably going to grow even stronger and cement their standing as the world’s best League of Legends team with the introduction of the world’s best jungler Peanut. As SKT “Blank” was recently resigned, it is likely “Blank” will be treated as the team’s substitute or play at the lesser tournament’s on SKT’s behalf.