Penta vs Arcade – SL I-League Invitational #1 EU Qualifiers – Tips, Odds and Preview

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Penta and Arcade are matched up against each other in the Copenhagen Games Group Stage Match to be held on the 25th of March 2016 at 18:00 CET.




  • Penta’s Roster:Penta Roster
  • Penta’s lineup is very well known. Players such as Khrystal, Tahsin and Tabsen have been together for a long time.
  • Recently Tabsen displayed his prowess when he played in for NRG as a standin. NRG had a very good showing during that tournament and managed to defeat EnVyus.
  • This lineup is good only on certain maps. The team don’t have a wide or varied map pool. That seems to be their only drawback in this matchup.
  • Penta definitely have the superior aim and results when it comes to this particular match.
  • However this is a best of one match. As such the abnormally high odds for Penta would not be justified.


  • Arcade’s roster: Arcade Roster
  • This lineup hasn’t had as much success and experience as Penta.
  • Arcade have been inactive for quite sometime and even in the matches that they did play, they have been very disappointing
  • Being a best of one match, a low bet on Arcade would probably be the smarter bet considering the odds.

The Prediction : 67%-33% Penta

The Bet : Low on Arcade (especially if the odds favor) – just playing odds here