Penta vs Ducks

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Penta vs Ducks.

We look into the teams that are Penta and Ducks that kick off at 20th of December 2015 at 19:00. This game is part of 99Damage League Season 2 other teams involved are Caseking, EURONICS, EYES ON U, KILLERFISH, PENTA, Planetkey, Playing Ducks, uX. Both enemies have met before in September with Penta winning the Best of Two.

Penta obviously appear to be the better team after a previous win over Ducks but they have recently been playing at the same level with Ducks winning both teams MyXMG and AlienTech and Penta winning games against LDLC White and Caseking.

Penta have won 40% of their last five games with wins over the teams I just mentioned. Penta was once a Tier 2 team contending against big teams such as Titan and NIP but it shows their dis-improvement as  a team.

Rosters Include;
Penta: kRYSTAL, strux1, tabseN, tahsiN, Spiidi
Ducks: Kirby, kev1n, coloN, xeni, kajsk1ng

Ducks have also won 40% winning over MyXMG and AlienTech. Ducks haven’t really stood out so far in this tournament so they will not be my favorite but I still give believe this is a matched game. Therefore I believe Penta will win I give my prediction 63% odds.

Calvin Hynes.