Penta vs Hellraisers – CSGO Minor ( Europe ) Tips, Odds and Preview

Penta vs Hellraisers.

CSGL Minor Europe

The match between Penta and Hellraisers  is a best of three event hosted by PGL CSGO Minor  on the 31st of January 2016 at 12:00 CEST.




Penta won a very close 2-1 series against Cringe Gods yesterday. The series was marked by some really close matches and today it might have been CG in place of Penta easily. Penta’s roster consists of mainly German players. These players have been playing really decent and have some good results to show for themselves. However this is a LAN event and penta are known for not preforming well on LAN tournaments especially as they progress.




They have definitely come off a rough start yesterday. Their performance while still noteworthy was not befitting the potential of the players. They came back from a huge trail on multiple occasions to win the map and series. Against pixelfire they showed great resilience and determination to win the match which eventually they did. It was definitely an off day. They would have been assessing geir situation and deciding why they had such a bad day

Obviously heir opponents in pixelfire were no walkovers however hellraisers had huge scopes for improvement too.


Overall hellraisers were still the better co ordinate team amongst the two. While aim wise both might be 50-50, the general advantage lies with Hellraisers.


The prediction : 60%-40% hellraisers

The bet : Low on Hellraisers