Penta vs NoKappa – Razer Rising stars EU Qualifiers Tips, Odds and Preview

Razer Rising stars


Penta and NoKappa are matched up against each other in the Razer Rising stars EU Qualifier Match to be held on the 10th of March 2016 at 20:00 CET.



Penta’s roster consists of star players such as tahsin, krystal, tabsen, mikes and Lowel – the latest addition to the team. These players have been together for a long time and their performance has definitely positively impacted the team’s wins. However the team has lost some of their latest matches with close scorelines of 14-16, 12-16. The teams they played against were also much better than Nokappa.





NoKappa is ex-Vexed. This team has been in a slump recently with many of their matches being in close losses to other teams. Their performances have been lacklustre especially when compared to their peak. The team has gone through a lot which include unpaid salaries and the likes. The team has been quite down and out and they recently lost their organisation. They are seeking a new organization as they play in this tournament. Until then they will be going under the name of NoKappa

The Prediction : 60%-40% Penta

The Bet : Medium Penta