PGL Major stickers – Csgo

Stickers for the PGL Major have been released

Just a few days priors to the popular tournament, the PGL Major with many large participating teams, Stickers have been released. These stickers will be on sale for the duration of the whole event, along with the tournament / team themed graffiti sprays. This time of the year, Valve has created 97 individual stickets, which comprises of individual, team and a PGL sticker. It’s great to see Valve put so much effort for this event in the sticker creation, as they will distribute 50% of all profits amongst the participating teams at the PGL event.

Why should you buy stickers?

You directly support the teams by purchasing stickers, and greatly contributes to the competitive scene. In addition, stickers are a GREAT investment. They will pretty much NEVER lose value, instead, they usually increase in value overtime depending on the rarity. The best investment options are to purchase stickers that not many people buy, while these are usually from a less popular team, teams that enter the PGL are definitely skilled, and will eventually grow bigger as time grows. The older the sticker the better, so purchasing a team’s sticker prior to them getting big is the BEST way to earn some money.