PGL Takes Asian Minor to Seoul

Nexon eSports Arena to host Asian Minor


Romanian company PGL has announced a partnership with KeSPA to host the Asia Minor Championship in Seoul, next month.

PGL have announced that they will be collaborating with KeSPA, the governing body for Esports in Seoul to host the Asian Minor Championship in Seoul next month.


The Asian minor will be held from the 5th May to the 8th May 2016. It will feature 8 teams who will compete for a prize pool of $50,000. However the more important prize has to be the two spots in the offline qualifier for the ESL One Cologne Major.


Renegades and TheMongolz will be handed out invites based on their recent performances. The other six teams will come from local qualifiers to be held in China, South Korea and the rest of the Asian Region.

Visitors will be able to watch the matches at the Nexon eSports Arena free of charge. The tournament is also being broadcast on South Korean television – which is a first for a CS:GO competition in Asia.


Official Website for the Event.