Phantoml0rd rigging results with site founder – CSGOShuffle

Phantoml0rd’s chatlogs show that it is extremely likely that he has been collabortating with CSGOShuffle’s site owner / coder to rig gambling results.

Relationship between the site and Phantoml0rd

This is some big news, after the scandal with Tom “Syndicate” Cassell and Trevor “TMartin” Martin owning csgo Lotto possibly rigging it, Phantoml0rd is now under fire for possibly rigging it too. It is very likely that Phantoml0rd is the true owner of CSGOShuffle as the chatlogs shown in the video. This is easily deducted as Phantoml0rd is shown to ask for the site official owner “Jorris” to verify and send payments to him.

Phantoml0rd mentions @ 9:00 in the video that “guess what”, “the check went through”, “And Another $20,000 on the way via wire transfer” and that “its deducted from my account. This clearly shows that Phantoml0rd is making payments to the site owner for the work he did. This most likely implies that Phantoml0rd is the true owner of the site and the money is mainly being directed straight to him, and that he will redirect some of the profits to the puppet site owner and site coder “Jorris”. He also asks Jorris (site coder) to give him more skins “to capitalize on a unique moment of massive advertising” since he was streaming at the time.

There is no doubt that these two are working together as it mentions @ 11:45 “working with you has become a problem sometimes”.

Rigging of outcomes

There is clear evidence that Phantoml0rd is rigging the outcomes by asking for % of winning or losing. This first starts @ 13:50 in the video where Phantoml0rd is directly asking Jorris the site coder for back end information so he is able to gain an advantage on each bet. This is certainly not the first time he has asked for it, as the moment PL mentions “%”, Jorris immediately replies with a number.

Jorris even apologized as he is unable to keep up with PL’s request for “%” as he was “on a vpn” while communication with PL. At one point (14:33), PL asks Jorris “can you come up with one” (referring to %), which Jorris then replies “95” (%). This clearly shows not only is Phantoml0rd able to turn % of chance he is able to win, but he is able to directly dictate the outcome of winning or losing.


HUGE credit to Richard Lewis in investigating this issue.