Phoenix 1 vs. Echo Fox – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

Pheonix vs Echo fox

Both P1 and Echo Fox are sitting at the bottom of the NA LCS standings; reminiscent of 2015 Team Cost and 2014 Team Velocity.

While Echo Fox is only 1-9, they have amazing infrastructure, the leadership of Froggen and the motivation of Rick Fox. However, the current Echo Fox line-up is a lot like pre-2016 TSM: a team that is heavily dependent on a mid-lane carry. Froggen represents the highest percentage of their teams damage dealt, carries the most gold and top 5 in terms of damage dealt per minute. To heavily depend on one individual is an unsustainable team composition, which is the reason why Echo Fox has been struggling to win.

Phoenix 1 on the other hand just picked up their first victory against Apex. I feel like Phoenix 1 has a much more-well rounded line-up compared to Echo Fox. Mash and Gate have been a very strong performing bot lane, even against the toughest of opponents. Additionally, Inori has also just been introduced to the line-up and communication issues and synergy should be improving every week.

While Echo Fox is tipped to win in this match-up, I feel like Phoenix 1 is more well-rounded and better than a team that just relies on Froggen to carry.

Prediction: 50% Phoenix 1 | Echo Fox 50% (2-1 Phoenix 1 victory)