Phoenix 1 vs. Team Solo Mid – NA LCS week 5 – Previews & predictions

Phoenix vs TSM

Yes Phoenix1 is terrible. Yes this TSM line-up is the best that NA has ever seen. Yes TSM are going to stomp Phoenix1. But lets put the obvious behind us and appreciate how P1 has made some significant improvements since the beginning of the split DESPITE going 0-8 thus far.

If NA decided not to play matches in this best of three format, P1 would have technically picked up a few wins. They’re definitely playing a little more consistently but not to the standard of the NA LCS.

TSM has had a history of losing to lower tier teams. Their previous split was filled with upsets in the form of victories against teams like CLG, IMT and Liquid, and losing to teams like NRG and Renegades. They’re without a doubt going to show a lot of respect to P1, and look to overwhelm them with concise, aggressive plays.

Prediction: Phoenix 1 30% | Team Solo Mid 70% (2-0 TSM victory)