Phoenix1 picks up Xpecial

P1 has decided to place Xspecial on their starting roster due to recent poor performance

Phoenix1 has yet again expanded their roster, brining on veteran support player, “Xpecial”. Xpecial will be taking over as the team’s starting support player, and be the 9th addition to the team. Phoenix1 is a relatively new team, only forming mid 2016, however, P1 announced they wish to make a change due to the goals and expectations of the team not being met this split. While is it still near the beginning of the split, I definitely think Xpecial is a huge upgrade and will undoubtedly help mentor the team members more from his experience.

Xpecial was formerly dropped by Dignitas just a day before P1 decided to pick him up, as Dig decided to sign a duo bot laner pair. I expect P1 to rapidly improve with this addition, and hopefully pull some results to show their investors. As while they have extremely deep pockets, it is possible for the team to be scrapped if they are not invited into the LCS again for the franchising deal.