Phoenix1 vs. Immortals – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

phoenix vs immotals

Immortals – the crusher of newbie teams. UNLIKE TSM LAST WEEK. Immortals are sure, no, certain to beat Phoenix1. Mark. My. Words.

In the face of cheese and adversity, TSM would stick to the same tactics, the same meta picks, the same aggression that has been doing them wonders. But what would Immortals do? Immortals hit cheese with their own cheese, drawing on the deep champion pools of Huni, Reignover and Pobelter (Reignover is the OG of Rengar).

While I have shown respect towards Phoenix1 and underestimated their potential against TSM, their victory was truly a black swan event. This will not happen again.

Prediction: Phoenix1 25% | Immortals 75% (Immortals to take the series)