Phoenix1 vs. Team Envy – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

phoenix vs envy

Out of the ashes of 9 consecutive losses, the Phoenix rises. The Phoenix rises higher and higher, shaving Dyrus’ head, dropping dank memes and creates the biggest upset in NA LCS Summer. I always saw potential in Phoenix1 (legit though if you look back at my previous previews I was always quite nice to them), I’d call them things like ‘not that bad’ or ‘could cause an upset here’ and ‘yeah they’ll beat Echo Fox’. But to beat TSM? Seriously?

Beating the best team in the league doesn’t make you the best team. In fact, Phoenix1 probably went from a low-key, bottom tier team to one that everyone is going to take seriously.

Last week, Team Envy got torn apart by Cloud 9 and TSM. They were simply outclassed in all aspects of the game, despite the strong performances from Team Envy against weaker teams.

While Team Envy are favourites to win this match and finish the season in a stronger fashion, this may not entirely be the case. Phoenix1 thrive in chaos, games that get dragged out to the point where fighting is all that determines everything. Should Phoenix1 survive the early game, they could potentially take one game… or maybe two?

Prediction: Phoenix1 40% | Team Envy 60%

Odds are actually very close; which may have inflated Team Envy odds. Could be decent value to bet for a Team Envy win.