Phreak on Tyler1 banned again

Phreak has stated that Tyler1 is not fully reformed, thus leading to his ban

Only a few weeks ago, was Tyler1’s account leaked, where many some streamer such as IWillDominate and Tarzaned uploaded videos / streamed playing with the banned player. This lead to HUGE attention on Tyler1, prompting Riot to look much closely at Tyler1. Tyler was originally banned mid last year for being constantly toxic, rude and overall unpleasant in game, leading to an official Rioter announcing a permanent ban for the streamer.

However as Tyler1 began to resurface, it was shown that he was definitely reformed, a video was even uploaded by a secondary source which saw Tyler1 literally 1 v 5’ing, where 4 of his teammates already AFK’d. That said, he was still banned due to his previously issues permanent ban. This lead to uproar in the League community, as many argued that Tyler had reformed, and everyone should get another chance (even after his previous 24 perma banned accounts).

Phreak then announced on his stream that he had some information on the ban, and stated that some of Tyler1’s current accounts which he played on has “infractions” on them. According to Phreak, Tyler1 has “improved” but not fully reformed to the standard Riot would like him too. It is not concrete if what Phreak’s saying is true, but it is true Tyler1 remain fairly toxic in other games. That said, I do think he deserves to be unbanned as many are MUCH more toxic in the League community, but still remain playing.