Piglet fires shots at Phoenix1 and comments on fabbbyyy

Piglet has been sidelined off in favor of Liquid’s sister team “Team Liquid academy’s” AD Carry fabbbyyy.

liquid piglet

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This isn’t the first time the super star has been subbed off in favor of another player in the past year. Earlier on he had been subbed off in favor of Keith, currently Echo fox’s AD Carry.

It is likely that Liquid has been scouting other players to replace Piglet, Piglet hasn’t done too bad this year, so I’m not too sure why they’d try look for another player. However, Piglet may be feeling quite pressured which lead on to him firing shots at Phoenix1 which Liquid won against with Piglet subbed off.

liquid vs phoenix1

Piglet commented on their skill levels, claiming that “Just looking at it from a mechanical level, (their mechanics are) way too low,”. He even went as far to say, that they shouldn’t even be considered opponents at all, they aren’t even “pro” status and that “seeing these guys in the LCS is kind of disheartening.” These are pretty big shots fired from Piglet, if Liquid end up losing to Phoenix1 in the future, Piglet is sure to get seriously grilled.

He commented on fabbbyyy’s performance relatively neutral, stating that “Relatively, he didn’t do poorly, but because the other team was a bad team,” he said. “(I) can’t firmly say if he did really well or really poorly.” Piglet insisted that he was taking a break and did not get subbed off, since the match against Phoenix1 was going to be relatively easy.

Who knows if he had been subbed off or not, will we be seeing fabbbyyy again in the main Team Liquid team.

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