Piglet to move to mid lane

Former world champion ADC Piglet, will be moving to the mid lane

Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin will be moving as Team Liquid’s midlaner for the time being replacing  Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer. The organizations had announced they were accepting try outs for the mid laner position due to recent poor performance by ‘goldenglue’. It isn’t 100% sure if Piglet is a quick fix, but the organization has already announced that Jung “Youngbin” Young-bin will be taking over the ADC position. For this reason, it is unsure if ‘Piglet’ will remain on the active roster or will be side lined once the team finishes try-outs and settles on a new mid-laner.

Team Liquid CEO, Steve “Liquid112” Arhancet says :

“We recognize that Goldenglue is underperforming on the roster. We understand the damage dealt in teamfights associated with that. We understand that the meta is very different than where our strengths lie as a team,”

Piglet has pretty much always stayed on Team Liquid since he left SKT, originally on Team Curse before they changed names to Team Liquid. Piglet is a 2+ year veteran in the organization, so it is unlikely he will be leaving anytime soon, and even if he gets subbed out he will likely be a coach due to his immense game knowledge.