Pine statement to the community

Pine has issued a statement after their loss to London Spitfire in their recent matches :

So we lost a title match, and tons of people have been congratulating us for the runner-up. Fuck yes it feels like we lost a title but we’re still #1 for Stage 1. Not only by map differentials but by points. Yes we didn’t win extra $$$, yes reverse sweep…but we won’t stop here. We’ll go beyond.

I never felt like this before. And I really don’t want to feel like this ever again. I also see several fans disliking coaches but I am really, really thankful for our coaches. Like I can’t describe it properly. They patched up my personality and are so good to me both in-game and IRL. And I always respect our coaches.

Thanks a lot fans. And Pavane, Wizard, Andrew, Ark, Janus, Byeolbe, Jjonak, Mek0, Mano, and Libero. I’ll prepare a lot for the next stage. Really don’t want to feel like this ever again. Thank you all for your concerns, kind words, criticisms, and everything since LW. See you next stage.

And I got tenosynovitis again. Gotta go take some rest.