Pobelter drops F bomb live on air

‘I just want to prove that I’m f**king good”

Pobelter has just accidently dropped an F-bomb live on the official Rito game stream. At the end of week 1 of the NA LCS, Team Liquid had just obliterated Optic Gaming. Pobelter then followed to give an interview to one of the most popular NA inertiewers, Olivee.

During the interview, coming off a win, Pobelter trash talked and tried to hype both his and the TL’s future performance. However, in doing so, he ‘swore’ live on air, where the interview was being streamed to tens of thousands of people.

While Pobelter does somewhat swear on his streams occasionally, it is definitely blocked for Riot streams. Certain words are ‘censored’, where both pros and caster may be reprimanded according to Riot’s discretion. This is likely due to Riot desire to pain the esports scene as ‘family friendly’.

That said Pobelter did say it fairly casually without ill intent, so it is highly likely he’ll only get a warning this time.