Pokemon GO coming to Apple Watch soon !!

Pokemon GO will be coming onto Apple watch soon. This is quite similar to how it would work on the soon to be released $34 Pokemon Go PLus devices.


pokemon-go-plus-event-demonstration-3 pokemon-go-plus-event-demonstration-2 pokemon-go-plus-event-demonstration


The new companion app’s most important function is to simply help users go about their day without having to always monitor their phones. The app does a lot of little things that can add up to big things for those who still actively play the game and want to save time.

The users of the Apple watch app will get taps on their wrist when they reach a pokestop. They can then swipe it to the right to collect the pokeballs and other loot.


However the most important feature has to be the fact that users can view nearby pokemons just by looking at their wrist. So no more do you have to look like the typical pokemon go hunter with the phone in his hand and the power bank in is pocket.


The Apple Watch Pokemon GO app can do pretty much everything except catch a Pokemon; the phone is still required for that, but it would be difficult to throw Pokeballs on a small screen anyway. Hopefully they’ll add new features as time goes on. This app would be perfect for the new buddy system coming to the game.