Pokemon GO lose 80% of its paying players

Pokemon GO reached a worldwide crescendo with its release. There were players all over the world playing Pokemon GO. The game developers did not expect such as huge demand as they instantly fell short of the required server capacity.


They turned to the people from Google Cloud platform to quell the huge demand for server capacity.


Pokemon Go’s user base has been declining relatively sharply in recent times. Now a new report from app tracking firm Slice Intelligence suggests that the paying player population has dropped 80% from its highest point back in mid-July. Honestly, we can’t say this is surprising.

The sudden jump in Pokemon GOś popularity was a bit unreal. It was not surprising to see the popularity surge and then fall down to realistic levels. Of course, the lack of exciting updates haven’t helped the situation much either. The buddy system is fine and all, but there are plenty of other features that are higher up on our collective wish lists.


Something that is definitely much  more interesting is that despite losing over 80% of its paying customers, Niantic continues to be the most profitable mobile game. They have six times more revenue than Candy Crush Saga, the second most popular game.