Pokémon Go – Pokémon tracking back ?

Update 0.33.0 and 1.3.0 will include the reintroduction of the tracking system, a very weird tracking system.

new pokemon tracking

The recent update being rolled out on your devices for Pokémon Go has reintroduced a tracking system after facing HUGE backlash from the community due to it’s removal in patch 1.1.1 and 0.31.0. The removal brought a dramatic plunge in ratings on both the App store and Play store, where it’s average rating was around a rock bottom 2 stars. For such a hyped up and popular game this was certainly a gigantic error cause by the developers.

Luckily, Niantic has taken a step in the right direction with the reintroduction of a tracking system. The new tracking system is COMPLETELY different from the “footsteps” one, where the distance between you and the Pokémon could be determined.

The new system will display 2 divisions, “Nearby” and “Sightings”. The Nearby Pokémon refer to Pokémon who are lose to Pokestops, clicking on them will bring up the picture of the Pokestop they are near and will zoom your camera out to find the pokestop momentarily. Pokémon under Sighting refers to Pokémon which are near you, but not near any Pokestop, clicking on them will do absolutely nothing.

What do I think of this? I think it’s pretty pointless, there will still be tons of walking around to find a single Pokémon since tracking is extremely difficult. The Nearby thing may help a bit as it tells you where the Pokémon are near, and you can circle the Pokestop and eventually find the Pokémon, but there will still be tons of aimlessly walking. Niantic is taking a step in the right direction, as they know the tracking system is essential and players enjoy the feature. Hopefully they will implement a tracking system so cheats and Pokémon tracking apps don’t have to be relied on or used.