Pokémon Go removes footsteps! Update 1.1.1 – 0.31.0

With the 1.1.1 and 0.31.0 update rolled out, Niantic has decided to remove the tracking footsteps! Big mistake Niantic.

The “3 foot stepbug” has been plaguing the game for weeks, but now Niantic has decided to completely remove the feature from the game. Why you ask, well the footstep tracking feature caused many bugs and problems for the server, including annoying server lag. It is likely due to these reasons that Niantic has decided to remove the foot step tracking feature.

What is sure is that Pokémon hunting just became a whole lot harder indefinitely, sure Pokémon are displayed from the closest to the furthest in order from left to right, but tracking the Pokémon if not many are around you is EXTREMELY hard, as walking in the opposite direction resulting in your Pokémon getting further away does not tell you how far the Pokémon actually is from your location.

I really liked the footstep feature while it was up and lasted, I really hope that Niantic will bring back the feature so hunting for Pokémon become not only easier but more fun instead of aimlessly walking. Who knows if they will bring it back if they fi the glitch, we can only hope.

The also made it almost impossible for Pokémon tracking websites / apps to function, as Niantic alters their API so interpreting and getting hand on the data is much more troublesome for apps like PokeVision. PokeVision has been down for more than a day now, and there is not definite sig of when they will be getting their systems back up.

In the end, Pokémon finding is much harder now, so good luck trainers!