Pokemon GO Update : Buddy System

We recently reported about the Pokemon Go Update which bans rooted and jailbroken users from the Game. The same update also added a buddy system to the game. The buddy system lets you choose one of your own Pokemons as your buddy.


The Pokemon Chosen will be seen alongside your user and as you walk more distances, you will be eligible to gain more Candies of the specific breed of pokemon.

As expected, rarer creatures will require more distance walked to acquire candy than the common ones do, however this feature should help trainers in rural areas as well as assisting all players in evolving their starter Pokemon



The update also makes it easier to select the smaller pokemons on the screen. It was a long standing complaint of many users that smaller pokemons were difficult to select on the phone screen.


The common issue that sometimes saw eggs hatching with no animation has also reportedly been fixed, meaning that players should no longer miss out on the wonderful feeling of hatching yet another Pidgey. Performance reliability has been upgraded, allowing a device to switch networks without the app crashing or stopping updating.


With these updates, most of the fans are slowly being appreciative of the efforts made by Niantic. Lets hope Niantic can keep the updates rolling and please their fans.