Pokomon go Beginners guide

Catch a pokemon

To catch Pokémon, you first have the see the Pokémon on your screen. The Pokémon HAS to be near you, use the blinking circle around your character as a guide to determine if the Pokémon is close enough for you to catch.

Step 2 is tapping on the Pokémon that is near you, once you tap it should redirect you to a screen showing a display of your front camera’s footage, where you then have to slide your finger from the Pokeball to the Pokémon. This finger motion is similar to what you do in another game called “Paper toss”.

Pokémon randomly appear throughout the game, and will not come near you. If a Pokémon does come near you, it will be very rare since the game is intended for people to walk around and explore their environment. The game does take quite a bit of walking to play, since you do need to walk around to not only catch Pokemon, but to get near the Blue squares to receive items.

By walking around, it is similar to walking in grass in the normal Pokemon games on DS and Gameboy. By walking, you will face pokemon and you will either be able to catch them by using the method mention above, or even walk away which is similar to “flee” in the normal Pokemon game


Pokemon catch 1Pokemon catch 3

Blue squares (Pokestop)


The Blue squares represent an area at a physical location. Clicking it will redirect you to a picture, where the location is of a specific item, thing or object. These can for example be sign posts, benches and sculptors.

Moving closer to these Blue square will change the image of a blue target type picture, where you will then be able to click it and receive certain items. These items for example can be more Pokeballs, revives, potions and on a rare occasion even an egg which can be hatched for a new Pokémon!


Pokestop 1

Pokestop 2


Before you are able to access a gym, you must first be level 5. When you first enter a gym, you will be asked to select a team, you will have a choice of either entering Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor.

Gyms also have levels, so don’t worry, the game won’t get boring too quickly


Pokegym 2 Pokegym 1