Possible 2016 World Champion skins – Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy have not won worlds yet, however, their sister team Samsung White already have a wave of skins from 2014

As tradition for the past World Championships, the winning team have always gotten their own set of skins. These skins will be based off the team’s colors and a percentage of all revenue generated from the skins will be given to the team. Each skin is based off a certain champion, that each of the members in the team have performed best at in worlds.


If Samsung Galaxy were to win, their skins would have a totally different color scheme compared to their sister team Samsung White since both their logos and team uniform are different. Since the Samsung Galaxy sign is different and a blue – greenish color, you would expect the skins to follow to be around that color too.

Top – Jayce or Poppy
Jungle – Olaf or Rek’sai
Mid – Victor or Cassiopeia
Support – Zyra or Karma
Adc – Ashe or Jhin