Preseason Season – Runes


Riot has announced details on the upcoming rune changes next season

As many already know, Riot has decided to rework runes. However, the change isn’t about basically introducing next stats, it is a COMPLETE rework of the existing rune system. The new runes will act similarly to the current masteries, where players are able to choose a specific skill tree and gain benefit from the primary skill tree, and half of the secondary skill tree. These new rune skill trees are split into 5 sections: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve and Inspiration. As expected, all the skills in the skill trees are completely different, where players will have a choice between a range of 3 each level (for primary), while the secondary skill tree allows players to chose 2 skills from another tree.

It is understood runes will likely be free to address the problem of lower levelled players being hugely disadvantaged in the rift as they level up. Riot has stated the runes are not finals and will soon be available for testing on the PBE. The change will likely hit the main server at the start to middle of pre-season, as Riot did announce the change under their pre-season post.