Preview Week 2 SMITE Oceania Proleague

SMITE pro league season 3

The first week of the OPL certainly showed that not all predictions can be counted on as T=the leaderboard does not look like anyone would have thought the week before the OPL started.
1st – Pandamonium

1st – SIN Gaming

3rd – Tainted Minds

4th – Dire Wolves

6th – Avant Garde

6th – Trident Esports

Tainted Minds vs SIN Gaming

Last week we saw Tainted Minds take down the Dire Wolves whilst SIN Gaming emerge victorious over Trident Esports. Tainted Minds had a much rougher time in the first week of OPL when they played all three matches of their best of 3 to the late game. SIN Gaming played very well in their match against Trident Esports taking them down in 2 games in under 35 minutes each. It did not seem like SIN Gaming had as much of a challenge as Tainted Minds had but this week there is no doubt that Tainted will push SIN to their limits. Expectations will be high for the mid laners Agony and Slycy as both were titled MVP for week one and had a fantastic performance on Sol. This week, both teams go head to head to battle for 2nd place or potentially first place depending on the result of Pandamonium vs Dire Wolves.

Avant Garde vs Trident Esports

Avant Garde had a great start to their match against Pandamonium but their issue was once they were behind, they stayed there. Trident fell to SIN in the same fashion. Both these teams know how to play when they are ahead and they know how to get ahead from the early game but once they fall behind it seems they tilt and can’t come back. What happens when two teams with similar playstyles come together to battle to stay out of last place? Will there be cheese strategies? Will we see a game three? Only these teams can decide.

Dire Wolves vs Pandamonium

Arguably the biggest and most anticipated match of the OPL. Dire Wolves and Pandamonium were at the top of the table last season, known for always beating each other in scrims but come time for competitive matches Pandamonium would always pull ahead. After their loss to Tainted Minds, Dire Wolves have fallen behind in the rankings and will have a tough time against Pandamonium especially as they made quick work of Avant Garde last week. Pandamonium are once again in the number one spot of the leaderboard along with SIN but to keep their first place position they must 2-0 Dire Wolves or hope that SIN do not 2-0 Tainted Minds. If Dire Wolves win they will, depending on the results of the other matches, either stay exactly where they are or advance to third place.

The current leader will change drastically after week 2 has ended and will give a clearer view on where each team is situated in the League. With a fifth of the OPL already completed the teams must switch on and overcome first week nerves to come out on top and make it to the CGPL LAN Finals.

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