Priest finally gets a new decent 2 drop!

After all the struggles for the priest class on turn 2, the class has finally received a decent 2 drop.


The “Mana Geode” is the new priest card that will be introduced as part of the Gadgetzan Hearthstone expansion. This new card will have basic stats of 2 attack and 3 Health, but what makes it better is the never seen before effect, “Whenever this minion is healed, summon a 2/2 Crystal”. Blizzard has really put though into this card, and have listened to the words of the wider priest community which is a great sign they are constantly looking out for their players.


Since the card has 3 health, it’s on the better side of the basic stat 2 drops, since it prevents the opponent from removing it with a rival basic 2-3 drop. Not only can the priest play this amazing card turn 2, and pretty much always gain value, but a turn 4 play of “Mana Geode” and healing it will give a 2-3 and a 2-2 board, which is pretty decent.

Since this card has an “epic” rarity, it probably means there’ll be a lack of play in arena. However, it is expected that every priest deck should run the card in constructed, since it will almost always provide value and is a potential snow balling card. In a mirror priest match up, it is extremely likely the player with this card will win outright if it is unable to be cleared within turn 3 or 4.