Prize pool distribution – LoL World Championships 2016

As SKT wins Worlds, the finals prize pool and distribution has been decided!


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Percentage break down of the prize pool :

First place – 40%
Second place – 15%
Third & Fourth place – 7.5%
Fifth to Eight place – 4%
Ninth to Twelfth place -2.25%
Thirteenth to sixteenth place – 1.25%

I think that these prize pool are fairly balanced, while there is quite a big difference between the First and second prize pool considering how close the game were, this can only be expected as the World Champions really do deserve a huge prize. The prizes for the “Thirteenth to sixteenth placed” teams aren’t too bad either, as they should fully reimburse the costs of the teams to ensure none that attended make losses.

Last year’s 2015 World Championships only had a $2,130,000 Prize pool, compared to this year’s huge $5,070,000. This meant that SKT took more than double their earnings as they did last year, which is a huge difference.

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