Promising gaming team disbands due to a cheating scandal.

Gaming team “Titan” had lots going for them, they had great gaming performances with their cs.go team which raked in many thousands of dollar of prize money from both major and premier tournaments. All was going very well for them, they even scored first place in “Gamers assembly 2015”, “Dream Hack Invitation l” and most well-known for scoring first in “Dream Hack invitational ll”.

Titan farewell

Downhill :

They were on the road to the top, until terrible news got released that one of their players in their cs.go team got banned by Valve for cheating in 20th of November 2014. This incident proved absolutely detrimental for the team, as their team budget got completely obliterated as sponsors that were about to be signed, immediately pulled out to save their own reputation. The team’s reputation continued to plummet due to an over excessive amount of bad press the team received after the incident.

Financial pressure :

Sponsors they were “about to sign, understandably backed out of deals,” due to “all the bad press”. This meant the team were unable to find new sponsors which added huge financial pressure to the gaming team. Titan’s Founder and CEO Damien Grust said “From then on it was a real uphill battle and I forced myself to reinvest into Titan in order to keep the company afloat for at least one more year”, even with his personal investment, the gaming team were still unable to find new sponsors. This forced the gaming team underground as it was reported by Grust that they were unable to pay their “CS:GO team or pay (their) amazing staff”.

Titan tweet 2


Finals words from Grust mentioned “This means that as of today, Titan is ceasing operations and releasing all current players and staff into this beautiful esports wilderness. Our CS:GO team will move on and hopefully find a new home worthy of their loyalty and determination. It also must be said that it was an honour to have some of the most dedicated staff members working tirelessly for us.


Fan notes :

If you are a Titan fan, don’t worry, the players you support will all be fine. Renowned esports journalist and commentator Richard Lewis tweeted that “people (are) desperate to pick up top CS:GO talent, the ex-Titan players will definitely fall on their feet. They needn’t worry”, so nor do you. One particular player from the Titan’s cs.go team, Ex6TenZ “Already had orgs asking (richard) to connect” them to the talented player.

Richard 2titan tweet


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