ProSyndicate and TmarTn own Csgo Lotto! Heavy deception!

ProSyndicate and TmarTn OWN Csgo.Lotto, in which they promote “winning big” to lure viewers into betting their own skins.

So why is this deceptive you ask, it is because they DID NOT disclose their affiliation with the site, sure people may have suspected they got sponsored, but the fact they own the site is EXTREMELY shady.

If you haven’t ever watched one of these youtubers before, they are pretty much extremely popular csgo youtubers that frequently post videos about cs.go crate openings and csgo gambling on their OWN website. Both of them have posted videos on winning extremely big amounts of money on csgo Lotto, which entices viewers to also do the same. What viewers don’t know is that, they themselves own the site and MAY be rigging the system to display false wins.


They have major influence on the betting community, since they have a combined subscriber count of over 16 million subscribers! As explained in the video made by h3h3 productions, an owner / admin gambling on their own site is IMMORAL, since they are able to access the back ends of the site and potentially rig results.

So did ProSyndicate and TmarTn rig these results, we unfortunately will never know since there is unlikely to ever be a fraudulent investigation.

So what does this say for the cs.go gambling community, don’t trust csgo Lotto. If you ever match up against one of the streamers, PULL OUT immediately, since the owners / admins of the site may rig the results so youtubers are able to get footage. If you are looking to bet, bet on professional games where rigging is very unlikely, as players / organizations face huge penalties to be kept in check.