Publicir vs OB.

Publicir vs OB.

We are going to get an insight of both teams OnlineBots and Publicir facing off in Group B of the AlienTech European Cup II. The game will commence at 4pm GMT and is a Best of One event. Both of these teams have played against one another twice and on both ( Best of 1 and 3 ) Publicir have won in the end. Cache always is close between these two teams so if that gets chosen we will have fun watching!

OB have won 40% of their last five games with wins over NEophyte and USSR. These are all average teams.

Publicir also have won 40% of their last five games against FTW.Pro and a previous game against OnlineBots.

Rosters Include;
DomiNate,  quix,  Lekr0,  zende,  pyth

sperr,  FejtZ,  cheti,  HS,  nuga

My prediction is 89% for Publicir even though both teams have won a minimal amount of games recently Publicir still managed to take wins from OnlineBots.

Calvin Hynes.