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Dominate - Publiclir


Publiclir consisting of Swedish players surprised quite a number of people at the recently concluded Copenhagen Games. This was their first official event after they picked up Maxie as a replacement for Lekro.

At the Danish event Publiclir were ranked 3rd-4th. They managed a good run by defeating some well known and established teams such as ENCE and Copenhagen Wolves however they finally succumbed to Hellraisers in the semi finals.


The team parted ways with their organisation on good terms according to Dominate.


“We have decided to part ways with Publiclir because we feel that we have reached a ceiling that we cannot break through,” he told

“We want to go one step further. We love Publiclir for the experience and the opportunities they provided us with, we would not be where we are without them.

“The decision was clear, we had to leave in order to advance. We already have some interesting offers, but we will take a week or two before deciding anything. We are open to all offers, of course, and we can be reached at”



Their current roster stands at :

Daniel “DomiNate” Garcia
 Max “quix” Lindkvist
 Kristjan “FejtZ” Allsaar
 Kevin “HS” Tarn
 Max “maxie” Lönnström