Pyth status Update : Might need surgery, out for at least a month

Pyth has been out of the competitive scene for quite some time. Despite being on a very successful team in NIP, Pyth has been on the sidelines as he watches his team play with Maikelele as the standin.


Fragbite caught hold of Pyth and were able to get an excerpt from him.

“It’s hard to say, I’m waiting for a test result from a nerve test I did. I measured the ‘ping’, so to say, in my nerves, and that will show if I need to undergo surgery for carpal tunnel or Note. If I have to do the surgery, it’ll take about four to six weeks from after the surgery, but if I do not have to do it, I would see myself back in a month, “

We wish Pyth all the very best in his recovery.