Qualifiers for Dreamhack Las Vegas announced


Dreamhack have announced the dates for the qualifiers of Dreamhack Vegas 2017. According to the announcement :

Eight of the sixteen teams for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will be determined via direct invites, while the remaining eight will have to battle their way through qualifiers to make their way to Las Vegas. In best effort to make the event a worldwide tournament, we are rolling out qualifiers on three continents – Europe, North America and Asia (incl. Oceania and other regions). All qualifiers will consist of an open and closed part of the qualifier. Each qualifier will only allow teams playing from within the specific regions to compete in the regional qualifiers. For full details about the qualifiers please see details below.

The qualifiers will be divided into three regions. Two regions ( Europe and North America ) will be hosted by ESEA while the Asian section will be hosted by SoStronk.


The details of the qualifier can be found on their webpage.