Quarter finals schedule – League of Legends World Championships 2016

Following the final Day 8 games for group B, SKT and Cloud 9 will both advance to the quarter finals

All subsequent matches will be spaced a day apart.

The first match will be between Samsung Galaxy and Cloud 9 on the 13th of October. Samsung Galaxy finished 5-1, finishing equal first place in the whole of groups with SKT, compared to Cloud 9 who disappointingly finished a mere 3-3 as the only North American team to advance to the quarter finals.


The second match will feature SKT and RNG whom are both veteran teams both including players with tons of experience such as Faker and Uzi. SKT finished 5-1 as expected, but unfortunately dropped a single game earlier at groups to Flash Wolves. RNG did not perform as well as expected and only finished 3-3 which was unexpected as they were expected to be one of the favorites.


Thirdly will be ROX and EDG, currently the most hyped match in Worlds. These two teams are the first seed in their respective regions and have demonstrated extremely strong play so far. Both ROX and EDG are favorites to take out worlds, and it will be extremely interesting watching the two compete.


Lastly, the final match in the quarter finals will be H2K vs Albus Nox Luna. H2K are known as a mid tier team and expected by many to not even make it out of groups. H2k surprised many by pulling a 5-2 score at groups, however, many called that the Freelo group. Albus Nox Luna are the true underdogs at worlds, not many if any at all dreamt of them making it pass groups, not even the players themselves expected so. Interestingly, they ended up 4-3 in groups overwhelming both CLG and G2, an amazing feat by the Russian team.