Quicksilver Sash Active Effect Nerfed! – Doublelift Thoughts and Rundown

Riot has announced on a thread that they will be nerfing QSS’s active so that it will only affect crowd control!


QSS nerf article


Thoughts? I think this is a pretty bad change, like come on, it means there will be less options in the game since you are now unable to remove some effects. Less options surely make the game easier, but this means there are less mechanics that will be involved in gameplay and most importantly will seriously impact the higher divisions or pro players where difference in mechanics matters the most in differentiation.

If you’re a casual player and play champions like Zed or Fiora then you are probably ecstatic, since there are SERIOUS buffs for these champions.

What can’t you QSS anymore?

Well, you can QSS all crowd control effects such as slows, roots, stuns, silences and suppresses!

However, this QSS change mean you will be unable to remove all debuffs such as ignite, exhaust, bleeds, certain ults such as Zed, Fiora and Trundle ult.

Doublelift thoughts?