RAMZES666 hits the 9000 MMR milestone – Dota 2

RAMZES666 is the fourth player this year to cross the 9000 MMR mark, first from the CIS region.


Amongst the crazy roster Fall reshuffle where teams were trading players back and fourth causing low player confidence and some tension, RAMZES666 managed through the chaos to hit 9k MMR. In this period, RAMZES666 was transferred out of Team Empire and into Virtus pro where he is currently staying in now.

RAMZES666 is considered to be a prodigy, at only 17 years old he is viewed by many if not all of being one of the best players. Being part of the CIS region, RAMZES666 played on the European Dota 2 server where he raced to Team Liquid’s carry “MATUMBAMAN” to be the fourth player to hit 9k MMR this year. MATUMBAMAN is currently still on his way to the 9k milestone and now in competition with player “Yuno” where they are expected to hit the mark very soon.