Recent PBE changes

These PBE changes may go to the live servers, but hopefully not

Riot has just unveiled its latest patch on the PBE server. As usual it contains a handful of champion skill balancing such as cool down or damage changes, but the biggest change now comes from the unsealed spell book.

The unsealed spellbook rune has been drastically nerfed, the cooldown of summoners spells down to just 10%! A flood of people don’t understand know why Riot made this change, especially considering unsealed spellbook isn’t taken that often, nor is it ‘OP’.

It is unlikely these changes will go through to the live servers, however, if it does, this will be a dead rune option. People really only take unsealed spellbook for the summoner spell cooldown reduction, the effect to change the summoner spells themselves don’t really matter too much,