Reckless showing signs of breakdown

Reckless released a statement describing his physical and mental issues

Currently I’m in Sweden recharging both psychologically and physically, seeing loved ones along while taking a break from the game. Hopefully it’ll set me back on track and allow me to go into the Summer Split with newfound strength.

Fnatic star Reckless has released through a very long Facebook post the reasons for his absence and current status. As many know, while they have had fairly strong performances recently, there has been signs that Reckless was struggling. He revealed through his Facebook post that he had been separated with his team for around 5 weeks to deal with his personal issues as he wished to spend some time alone to reflect.

Reckless also stated that his mental wellbeing had been hugely affected, especially after reflecting alone, where he recalled “the age restriction (on him) during Season 3, (and his) grandmother passing away during Season 5 Worlds”. It is also confirmed that he has recently been hit with another tradgety, he has chosen not to reveal theexact details, however, Reckless confirmed it was the trigger for him to take a break. In the statement, it also mentions he has been facing physical troubles, such as “tennis elbow”, which he is now getting help for. To recover, he explains that kinesiology tape has been helping him while playing, but it is only a temporary solution.

While he faces many troubles, he states that he wishes to return  back to his team and participate in the Summer Split